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Welcome to the Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance,
Risk Retention Group (ANI)

Inspired service and sensible products at the right prices, effectively and dependably delivered. We are guided by this strategic principle. We routinely hear from our nonprofit members and insurance brokers that the service they receive from our staff meets or beats anything they have experienced from commercial insurance carriers. We know that the ease of doing business with us differentiates us in the marketplace. Whether it is underwriting or claims processing time, scheduling a training, or responding to general inquiries, we pride ourselves on being responsive and exceeding expectations.

We are different. ANI is itself a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

A key strength of our organization is our singular commitment to the nonprofit sector and our membership in it. We broadly serve the nonprofit sector, including nonprofits and brokers of all sizes, by providing appropriate insurance at prices that are adequate and fair, and that can be maintained over the long-term. Our prices reflect our best assessment of the lowest sustainable price for the individual risk involved, but not necessarily the lowest price during a soft market. We strongly believe providing the nonprofit sector with a reliable, long-term solution takes precedence over short-term market pressures.

Take a few minutes to review the many resources, tools and services enjoyed by our ANI member-insureds.

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